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Remembering Dallas

We are in a very dark place in history. More and more senseless killings are happening. Making matters worse, the ones that are supposed to protect us are the ones being targeted.

There is a large group of people that believe that there is a a war going on by the police against the African American people. Sadly, there are many senseless killings of African Americans by police officers. There are also many African American police officers.

The vast majority of the deaths at the hand of the police have been people who were breaking the law, who attempted to get away and resisted and endangered the lives of others, leaving force as the only option. There are individuals from all races that have died doing this, but everyone is looking strictly at the African American population.

The vast majority of the African Americans who were arrested were not killed. They did not refuse. There are many who still look only at the few that have died and ignored that many people that call the cops everyday and are helps and supported by the police officers.

It is not the police that are being racist, but the people promoting this problem that are against the police. Now 12 officers were gunned down by sniper fire in Dallas. Five of the victims are now dead.

This has gone far enough. We should realize that all lives matter. Police should not being gunned down in the name of vigilante righteousness. At the same time it is important that police officers exhaust all non-lethal attempts to seize a person as possible. Whether the person is red, yellow, black, white, green, or purple, everyone deserves the right for due process and people should not have to fear the police.

At the same time, people should realize that the police do have a job to do. They should not feel that they are above the law, but rather realize if they did wrong that they have to deal with the consequence of their actions.

Finally, others should not be ignorant just because the politicians and media are making this into a race war. There are people from all races and ethnic backgrounds that have died at the hands of officers. In most all cases the person left the officers with no other choice than to use force.

Remember all who have died.


Stop Worshiping Me

Chris_Kyle_January_2012As stated in a previous entry, I recently read the book about Chris Kyle, American Sniper. It was a really good book; however, if you can not handle graphic descriptions or extreme language the book is not for you. Nevertheless, the book was very good.

This post is not about the book. Recently, I have seen a lot of people talking about Chris Kyle. Many people idolize him, claiming him to be a hero, and ridiculing anyone who does not do the same.

I feel like such people did not get the message of the book or the movie. Kyle did not want hero worship. He did not want to be immortalized. He did his job. Throughout the book and also in the movie he was very emphatic that he did not want to be idolized. He would rather give the glory and honor to his fellow soldiers.

I think it is time that we learn that we can show people respect for what they have done. But we should also show them the honor by respecting what they want. He did not want to be a worshiped, so stop using him to compare against the people who are acting out for the purpose of being immortalized.