My Testimony


I always knew that I was called to be a teacher and preacher. At the age of 5, I accepted Jesus as Savior. Around age 9 I began taking piano lessons and began singing in the church that my family attended.

At age 14, my parents went through a bitter divorce. I met a time of severe depression, during which I discovered the proof of God’s power and how his love changes our lives. I may not have always relied on the Holy Spirit like I should but my walk has continued to develop over the last 25 years.

First Ministry

Shortly after we moved to Cisco in 1995, a friend paid for me to attend some worship piano classes. Shortly after the 6 week class was done, I was asked to be the assistant worship leader. Around the same time I began working on the church drama team, both acting and writing. By the time I graduated High School I led the Drama team and oversaw the church youth department while still helping to lead worship.

Broken Promise of Love

During high school I dated a girl that I felt was the only person who could ever love me. I did not really have a good working knowledge of what love was, and my parents were not the best demonstrators of a stable marriage. Looking back now, I can clearly see that I was terrified. I believed that no one else would ever really love me for who I am. I did not heed the warning signs and jumped into a marriage that lasted less than 11 months. She knew that my heart was in ministry and I was going to school with the ultimate goal of being a minister.

Things happened and she left in May of 2000. I tried to fight it and continued to pursue the marriage because I thought that a divorce would destroy my ability to be a minister. Nevertheless, after contacting her and finding that she was waiting on a date to pick her up; I realized that there was nothing I could do. I ended up saving the money and paying for the divorce.

I began to tell God that I would not ever be married, and if I was to be married that he would have to custom make her just for me. We would have to have the same desires and passions. We would have to be compatible in mind and soul. We would also have to know that we were both called to the ministry.

Our Love Story

One summer night I was hanging out with some friends, one of which confronted me about the guilt with which I suffered. I still believe that my friend had a word from God. She told me, “You did not leave her; she left you and began new relationships. She moved out of God’s will, so you cannot beat yourself up for what happened. It is over and you have to pick up the pieces and move on.” This statement freed me from the guilt that I was suffering with.

When the day came that God presented me with the woman who was supposed to be my wife, I knew it from our first date. She said that she knew it the first time she saw me, but I was too scared of being hurt again. She was younger and we were introduced by a mutual friend. Though we hung out a few times and went together to one of her school functions, it was 8 months before we had our first actual date.

On March 8th, Jennifer and I celebrated our 14th anniversary. We have typical frustrations like every couple, but we feel that we were stitched together by the love and grace of God. We both have a heart for ministry, mine as a pastor and hers with youth.

After a miscarriage the second year we were married, we had a successful pregnancy that ended with the birth of my oldest son, Scott Caden Alexander Rasco, who is now 10 years old. I was in my third semester in seminary at Logsdon, and I was elected to be the church’s assistant pastor. A year later, I was elected by a unanimous vote to be the church preaching pastor. Shortly thereafter we had our second son Braaden Kole Rasco, who is now 9 years old.

Miracle Adoption

In 2007, I graduated with a Masters of Divinity Degree from Hardin Simmon’s Logsdon Seminary. I continued ministering at MTC as the preaching pastor. The Executive Pastor was preparing for the building of the new church on I-20 in Cisco. During that time God began preparing us to leave.

In 2010, a pregnant teenager came to church. To our chagrins she wanted to have an abortion. Jennifer was working with the youth and as the Pastor we counseled with her. A few weeks went by and she showed interest in possibly giving the baby for adoption. We told her that we would take the child no matter the condition. On November 1, 2010, Madyson Hope Rasco, who is now 5 years old, was born 7 weeks early. God orchestrated the entire thing. Due to the premature delivery, the birth mother was able to sign her rights away before Mady left the hospital. If the birth mother had received custody from the hospital, Mady would have been taken by CPS.

Leaving Home

In February 2011, almost 5 years to the day that I was brought on full time at the church, we decided that it was time for us to move on. No one at the church wanted us to go, but we knew that it was time to leave. Since then God has done a lot of work in our lives.

We moved to Abilene, and I had the experience of spending time ministering at an Assembly of God church in Albany, while working at Abilene PD Dispatch. I was then hired full time at Life Church of God in Columbia, Mississippi. There I worked as the worship pastor and church administrator. I helped to oversee all of the volunteers, set staff and volunteer meetings, and over saw volunteer and staff training. I also led the Wednesday night Bible Studies.

We received a call from the CPS office in Eastland County, Texas, and Mady’s birthmother was losing her next child to CPS due to negligence. We had the opportunity to care for him briefly for about 8 weeks prior to the move to Mississippi. Texas DHS wanted to transfer the baby to us because we had the sibling. After 8 months of paperwork, Johnathan Micheal Webb was flown to us at Jackson Municipal Airport in Jackson, Mississippi. He is now 4 years old.

We knew that something was wrong with him. He could not eat very well, he did not talk, and a piercing scream was his only way to tell us that he needed something. We took him to every doctor we could find to get him help, but nothing was working.

After a year Life Church fell into some hard times due to a childcare center that it ran. We were 12 hours away from family, and we had relocated for the church. We knew that God was not going to have us remain there as volunteers and find fulltime work. Therefore we moved back to Abilene, TX.

Up to the Present

Upon returning to Abilene, I began working with Police Dispatch again, and helped a fellow minister at Southside COG in Abilene. I made a 1 year commitment to him. When the 1 year was up God opened up the chance for me to take over the educational coordination and worship leadership at Dyess AFB. I have been there for almost 2 years. My contract with this expires around the end of the summer.

I have also worked through my teaching license and have been working fulltime with Colorado City ISD as the 5th grade Science teacher. My goal for the fall is to find a fulltime Special Education classroom here in Abilene so that I will not have to drive around 140 miles a day just for work.


When we returned to Texas, our first foster child, that we were now calling Jayden James, was still having trouble communicating. He struggled to eat and sleep. As his adoption became closer we finally found a Doctor that would do a behavioral study. We found that Jayden has Asperger’s Disease. The diagnosis helped us to get some much needed training and assistance for him. He has improved with leaps and bounds.

Since we were licensed for the adoption, we were also licensed for foster care. We began fostering other children. Currently, we have two foster children, one of which is a very low functioning Autistic child. It can be rough, but we cannot imagine our life without them.


Writing and Everything Else

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