Love Dad

BookCoverfront Mark Cooper has everything that a journalism student would ever want. He has a highly coveted paid internship with the local newspaper where he has proven to be an aspiring journalist. He is finishing up his college degree with honors which has not been hindered by his crazy night life. What more could a single young college senior want.

Nevertheless, not everything is as good as it seems. Mark has to deal with his shattered relationship with his estranged father. As their relationship worsens, lurking in the background Mark realizes that he is suffering from his own demons. He finds himself at a breaking point when a family tragedy threatens to pull the family apart. Will he truly learn how to Learn Dad.
Love Dad is a story about understanding and forgiveness. It is set in real world situations, but without the adult content and language that is found in most secular fiction. Moreover, the story presents the complexity of human relationships and their causes and effects.

The reader is taken on Mark’s journey of self discovery as he decides if he is going to rely on God in the time of despair or if he is going to allow his anger and frustration to harden his heart.

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