Church Issues of Tomorrow

I am not concerned so much with the current state of homosexual marriage affecting the church. Most pastors have known it was coming for years. However, I do feel that a church that ordains and supports gay marriage is fighting against the Word of God. The Bible very strongly speaks against homosexuality. If we begin to support homosexuality we are turning our back on the word of God.

That being said, I also believe that we as the church need to reevaluate how we deal with homosexuality in the world. In the next generation we will be forced to show how we will react to homosexuality in our church. We will be rated by our willingness to show love without having to support the behavior. Many churches feel they would crumble if an active homosexual were to walk through the doors, but through love we can help everyone of every lifestyle become who God has called them to be.

Also over the next generation, we need to realize that the legalization of certain drugs is on our doorstep. We have to learn how to handle it in a proactive way so that when it occurs our people are ready.

We also need to find ways to help those with disabilities. Most classes are not able to work with an autistic or Down syndrome child; however, with the influx in this generation of autistic and other disabled children, the church needs to know how to serve them as well.

I feel that we could possibly be moving in a post-church world. That is a world that feels that church is not only outdated but unneeded. As a church we have to be more than relevant. We have to be a church that is real. We need preachers and teachers who don’t mind being candid from the pulpit. We need to be real in every aspect. Gone are the days when preachers stand on a pedestal and are revered as the “one who hears from God.” Today’s church generation has begun to realize that God loves everyone, and that we are gifted differently. One may be gifted at cleaning and another in the nursery, but none is more important than any other.

Last, it is of dyer consequence that we stay above the curve. In Technology, understanding, and outreach we need to be pushing the envelope. If one person is not able to adequately work the internet, then he or she can easily grab a young person to help. If we keep watching the newest and innovated ways that churches are using technology and media, we will be able to keep growing with a world that is lost in their cell phones and internet.

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