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Memorial Day?


Last week was Memorial Day. Normally, I would have done a post for Memorial Day; however, with the insanity that has been going on in the nation regarding the treatment of veterans I really did not know what to write. I am deplored at the way the nation is treating our military personnel.

The individuals who put their lives on the line everyday are under paid and under funded. While bureaucrats and politicians sit in their posh mansions making politically correct, unneeded legislation and spending millions of dollars preparing for their next run for office, our soldiers live in unthinkable conditions away from their families. They sacrifice so much and then return home to be treated badly by the people that they fight so hard to protect.

I am really sad to think about the lack of respect that we have for our military/arm forces. We have the chance to meet their needs and show them the respect they deserve and instead we give the funding and support to illegal aliens and refugees.

Memorial day is a day that celebrate the memory of those who have given their lives for the cause of freedom. Instead this year people all over the nation are declaring war on our military. There are people choosing to exercise their freedom of speech by belittling those who have served. They choose to tear down people who put their lives on the line and worked to provide the very freedom they are abusing.

Alas I am at a loss for words. We need to honor the lives and sacrifices of the men and women who said they would risk it all for the sake of our freedom. Let us stop and look deep inside. Let us put away our ignorance and show respect to those who deserve it. Let us begin to see the truth before it is too late.