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I <3 the emoji Bible

About a year ago, I started tinkering with the idea to create an emoji/text abbreviation Bible.  Basically I wanted to make something that would be easily translatable to text messaging, social media, and would speak to the digital generation. screen-shot-2016-05-24-at-17-33-02-504x396I wish I would have jumped on the idea because they have now created the emoji Bible. Here is my disclaimer: I have not had the chance to preview it, but the way it has been described and the samples I have seen they have taken the KJV, the old Standard of Bibles, the Authorized translation of most denominations and added emoji and abbreviated texting to represent the words.

It is really an interesting concept and I really love the idea. Nevertheless, there are many Christians calling this effort to reach the digital age heretical. Some of the comments stated that it was dumbing down the word of God and that the Holy Spirit is supposed to be the only thing we need to understand God’s word. My answer to this, then we need to get rid of the English, Spanish, and other translations and every one buy a Hebrew and Greek Bible and allow the Holy Spirit to help us understand it. Everyone knows that sounds stupid, but it makes as much since as this argument.


The second argument is that we are taking sacred things and making them secular. Sadly, that is a pharisee or Old Testament way of thinking. Jesus went to the lowest of the low and ministered to them in a way they would understand. He told parables and gave insight into the word of God that everyday people were unable to grasp. He dumbed it down for the people and they understood and accepted him.

Another argument was, how is this different than taking the Bible and creating a Gay Bible that supports Homosexuality. Again this has no merit. The Gay Bible is promoting a sin, but an emoji Bible is not promoting anything. It is offering a translation that help common people understand. Much like the work of Martin Luther when he made the first German Bible in the language of the common people or when William Tyndale made an early English translation that predates KJV.

Basically, Paul said in 1 Corinthians 9:19-23:

19 Though I am free and belong to no one, I have made myself a slave to everyone, to win as many as possible. 20 To the Jews I became like a Jew, to win the Jews. To those under the law I became like one under the law (though I myself am not under the law), so as to win those under the law. 21 To those not having the law I became like one not having the law (though I am not free from God’s law but am under Christ’s law), so as to win those not having the law. 22 To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some. 23 I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings.

So what do you think about this?

Focused on Heaven

Today I heard Levi Lusko on the radio today. He said that when a Christian truly realizes that he or she is a pilgrim the Christian will start reacting differently. No believers will say, “You are different know.”

Lukewarm Christians will say, “Back down you are too fanatical.”

Then he went on the compliment this mindset of being a pilgrim and looking to heaven. The little that I know about Lusko I do not think he is saying that we need to take out focus off of the earth to focus solely on Heaven but hearing his message made me wonder what many Christians would think. I really feel like many Christians will hear his message and feel like they should focus so much on heaven that they are not relevant and reliable to reach the world.

If God wanted all of our focus to be on Heaven, he would have zapped us to heaven when we got saved. Nevertheless, God left us here to work as his hands and feet. We are called to be witnesses. We are called to fulfill the role of Christ in the world. Don’t ever let yourself be conned into believing the seduction that you are supposed to set tunnel vision on heaven, and miss the work Christ needs us to do here.

Biblical church mentality

I think I’m losing my mind. Or maybe I’m just separating from the type of mentality that was once forced to believe.
I have always been taught that to see church growth I had to have a large church mentality. I guess I don’t really know what that means. From reading and conferences and even my own experience a large church mentality has proven to be, “the pastor moving away from hands on ministry.”
Don’t get me wrong, to have parishioners who help clean up and get the offering ready, and take care of the maintenance that is a biblical nessessity. The disciples created deacons as table servers to take care of the Greek widows. The word literally means slave or servant. The took care of the physical need so that the disciples could take care of the ministry.
But what about the hand on minstry. I have worked in churches over various sizes and it devastates me to see pastors who have tunnel vision, their own selfish agenda, or even are too ignorant to realize they are undermining their own ministry.
I recently had a discussion about Halloween. I had a friend say that he wanted to have revival on Oct 31. Sorry but that is counterintuitive. That tells the community, “We are better than you because we are worshipping Jesus.” The same thing with refusing to have an Easter egg hunts, superbowl parties, and Christmas pagents. When the church does not do things that people are involved in the church appears judgemental and arrogent. But when you say, I love this community enough that I want to offer the kids something to do so that they can learn about Jesus and also get off the streets then you are making a difference. Letting them hunt eggs and talking to them about the eggs symbol of new life is like the symbol of Jesus on the cross, you will see a break through.
We look at the great generals from wars gone by and everyone wanted to be in the middle. They wanted to be in the foxhole, hands on, changing people’s lives. All military complain about the pencil pushers that have never seen action and make decisions that make no sense in pratice. Far too many churches have fallen to the same prey.
It completely devastates me to see churches all around that are so focused on getting their numbers up that they are losing the personal touch. Yes, it is great to have 15 pastors and the lead pastor preaches and the rest do the lower work. But is it bad that you like cleaning the tables? Is it bad that you like making a personal connection with people?
We have a paradox of polar opposites. The “small church mentality” is when the people believe that the pastor should do it all and the people are not mentored and trained in ministry. The “large church mentality” is when the pastor is no longer touched by the people and everyone else does the work of minstry.
The “biblical church mentality” is when the church joins hand and hand with the pastor following the direction of the Holy spirit and vision for the church.
This is accomplished when the church realizes the pastor is just another cog in the wheel of the church. He is not meant to be the donkey that carries the load of the church but is also not to be separated from the church by a stain glass wall. He is a member, he is a leader, and a shepherd. Actually he is kind of like the head sheep almost. No doubt, his responsibilities are different and his employment is more dire to the soul, but he still uses toilet paper, puts his pants on one leg at a time, and yells when he has smashed him thumb with a hammer five times in a row.
Church growth occurs when the pastor is able to teach the people to join hands and walk together to accomplish the vision that God has set before them. Good pastors don’t make mandates and directives, they take the word of God rightly divided and understand that not everyone has to be in agreement with everything. Instead they have to know that he is just and listens to the voice of God. Moreover, their allegiance should never be politically motivated, manipulated, or threatened. Their allegiance should be earned through mutual respect and love. That was how Jesus is demonstrated to use in the word of God.
Churches grow through personal connection. They grow when people see the pastor leading with vision with his or her hands and feet.
More than anything as a pastor I want to be the hands and feet of Christ and I want to help those around find out how they can fit in the gear that we call the body of Christ.  When I am able go on missions I want to teach other Christians how to show love for each other. I want my kids to see me doing the things that other people are unwilling to do and learn to do the same.
How can I tell them about Christ if they are freezing?
How can I tell them I love them if they are starving?
How can I help them believe that I care and am willing to walk hand in hand with them if their dying because they can not quit doing Crack or heroine?
How do I have the arrogance and audacity to tell them of the wonders and glory tomorrow in heaven if I am not going to trouble myself to help them out of the Hell they are in today on earth?
I know you have to have the money, but my daddy owns the cattle of a thousand hills. I know you have to have the sustainability but my daddy shall supply all my needs according to his riches in glory through Christ Jesus my lord. I know you have to have a place to worship, but the disciples worshiped  on the street corners and in the synagogues. And the hour is here when true worshippers are getting ready to worship him in spirit and in truth. For he is spirit and that is how he wants our worship. And what good is multimillion dollars if there is no love.
God is no where close to being done with me yet. I don’t think we have seen the end anywhere close to being in sight he still has work for the church to do. He wont come back until we have finished the work. For me I know he had a plan. And he will see that plan to completion. I’m ready daddy for you to show me where to step and where to go.

God loves Gays

rainbow crossRecently, with all of the changes and laws with marriage we have heard more and more about Homosexuals vs Christianity. More Christians are piling of weapons against homosexuals while the LGBT are piling up weapons against the church, and God is left caught in the crossfire.

Why do we think that God hates Homosexuals? Jesus talks a lot about sin, but never once plainly mentions the sin of homosexuality. Also it is not listed in the 10 commandments. Because of these two reasons many feel that it is a recent fabrication of holy-than-thou Christians. I have even heard some people state that Christians throughout history have perverted the Bible to speak against homosexuals while they state original documents did not.

I really don’t care because I am very tired of churches fighting against people and pointing fingers, people are pointing fingers at the church. God loves homosexuals just as much as God loves you and me. God has a passion for them, and he wants them to accept his love. God does not say, “Hey you are homosexual I don’t want you.” God does not give an ultimatum that says, “If you are homosexual’s then you can not be saved.”

Furthermore, there will be many homosexuals in heaven. There will be people of all kinds who have all different types of life styles in heaven. I believe that even Ted Bundy is in Heaven because in his interview with Dr. Dobson he said that he had been saved. If God cast us out because of our struggles we would all be in hell, but if we have humbled ourselves before God, he will help us with our struggles. We have no power to over come any struggles alone. Nevertheless, God does.

God loves gays, do you?


Stop Worshiping Me

Chris_Kyle_January_2012As stated in a previous entry, I recently read the book about Chris Kyle, American Sniper. It was a really good book; however, if you can not handle graphic descriptions or extreme language the book is not for you. Nevertheless, the book was very good.

This post is not about the book. Recently, I have seen a lot of people talking about Chris Kyle. Many people idolize him, claiming him to be a hero, and ridiculing anyone who does not do the same.

I feel like such people did not get the message of the book or the movie. Kyle did not want hero worship. He did not want to be immortalized. He did his job. Throughout the book and also in the movie he was very emphatic that he did not want to be idolized. He would rather give the glory and honor to his fellow soldiers.

I think it is time that we learn that we can show people respect for what they have done. But we should also show them the honor by respecting what they want. He did not want to be a worshiped, so stop using him to compare against the people who are acting out for the purpose of being immortalized.

Choosing Heroes

VanityFairJuly2015So there have been a lot or people lately discussing what it take to be a hero. This is because of the recent gender reassignment of Bruce Jenner into Caitlyn Jenner.

First, honestly, why s/he does with his/er own life has nothing to do with me and maybe the story will help others who are struggling find confidence in being who they are.

However, this has made a lot of people question what it means to be a hero. Some people argue that Jenner’s actions are that of a true hero willing to demonstrate what it means to truly be oneself. Others see this a deplorable and feel like people looking to Jenner as a a hero are misguided.

Nevertheless, everyone needs a hero. Everyone needs someone they can relate to and look up to. I would rather look at Jenner as a Hero than many other athlete’s who are not willing to stand up for what they believe in.

We have to realize our definition of a hero is based on many things. It can be on our culture, religion, values, upbringing, moral understanding, etc. What makes a hero to me will not make a hero to you. A radical Muslim would see someone entirely different as a hero than an orthodox Jew.

With this in mind we need to all grow up and put on our big boy underpants and stop ridiculing other people and their beliefs.

So what do you think determines a real hero?

So what should our reaction be

Today has been a defining moment for the equality of homosexuality. As the supreme court ruled 5 to 4 in favor of gay marriage it has essentially been taken from the hands of the states and the people.
Nevertheless, we knew this was coming. We have seen it on the horizon since Vermont first started honoring homosexual unions. Why then are we acting startled by this decision?
So what do we do? I think the greater question is what would Jesus have done. I notice a lot of pastors blowing up their blogs and their social media with statements against homosexual unions. Why? We are doing the same thing we have done and it has not worked yet. Throughout history we have murdered homosexuals in the name of god. We have tortured them and ridiculed them in the name of love and religion. We have banned them from our churches, spoke out against them in out communities, and defamed then to the world. So has our tactic worked. Has our ambush of damnation changed their hearts and turned them around. No. It turned them against us.
We have done everything the wrong way. How did Jesus reach the lost? Through love and compassion. He sat at their tables and ate their food. While building a relationship he showed what it was like to live in the kingdom of God. It changed their lives.
Who did Jesus preach against? The religious, the pharisee and the lawyer. The people who had been trained in the law. The people that knew God’s  word in and out.
The Dr came to reach the sick and he did it with the healing power of love. Instead we preach against the sick because we know the word of God.
We are no better than the Jews in the new testament. It is not my place to judge you. Because my sin is just as bad as yours. And mark my words if we don’t straighten up and show love rather than hate, the day will come when preachers who refuse to perform Same sex unions will be charged with a hate crimes for discrimination.