Why does LGBT hate Church?

kapaeew3435fdssWhy does LGBT hate Church?

Far too many people get really upset when LGBT fight against the church. They argue and criticize the church. They try to push the church to accept their way of life as normal and get angry when anyone questions it. Why do they treat the church so poorly? We are only trying to promote the Good News of Jesus Christ, Right.

Sadly, the church has been done more to promote hate than it does to promote love. We try to say, “We love all people. We hate all sin, but we can still love the people.” We stand in our pulpits and sit in our choir lofts under the guise of understanding. Sadly, we never acknowledge that we are still filled with hostility. We secretly point fingers and talk under our breath.

We are dehumanizing people. We are negating their needs to be acceptance. How can we show love for people who we don’t recognize the individual is seeking the same things that we are seeking.

There has to be a way that we can show the love of Christ with out being judgmental. What do you think we need to do?

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