God loves Gays

rainbow crossRecently, with all of the changes and laws with marriage we have heard more and more about Homosexuals vs Christianity. More Christians are piling of weapons against homosexuals while the LGBT are piling up weapons against the church, and God is left caught in the crossfire.

Why do we think that God hates Homosexuals? Jesus talks a lot about sin, but never once plainly mentions the sin of homosexuality. Also it is not listed in the 10 commandments. Because of these two reasons many feel that it is a recent fabrication of holy-than-thou Christians. I have even heard some people state that Christians throughout history have perverted the Bible to speak against homosexuals while they state original documents did not.

I really don’t care because I am very tired of churches fighting against people and pointing fingers, people are pointing fingers at the church. God loves homosexuals just as much as God loves you and me. God has a passion for them, and he wants them to accept his love. God does not say, “Hey you are homosexual I don’t want you.” God does not give an ultimatum that says, “If you are homosexual’s then you can not be saved.”

Furthermore, there will be many homosexuals in heaven. There will be people of all kinds who have all different types of life styles in heaven. I believe that even Ted Bundy is in Heaven because in his interview with Dr. Dobson he said that he had been saved. If God cast us out because of our struggles we would all be in hell, but if we have humbled ourselves before God, he will help us with our struggles. We have no power to over come any struggles alone. Nevertheless, God does.

God loves gays, do you?


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