Stop Worshiping Me

Chris_Kyle_January_2012As stated in a previous entry, I recently read the book about Chris Kyle, American Sniper. It was a really good book; however, if you can not handle graphic descriptions or extreme language the book is not for you. Nevertheless, the book was very good.

This post is not about the book. Recently, I have seen a lot of people talking about Chris Kyle. Many people idolize him, claiming him to be a hero, and ridiculing anyone who does not do the same.

I feel like such people did not get the message of the book or the movie. Kyle did not want hero worship. He did not want to be immortalized. He did his job. Throughout the book and also in the movie he was very emphatic that he did not want to be idolized. He would rather give the glory and honor to his fellow soldiers.

I think it is time that we learn that we can show people respect for what they have done. But we should also show them the honor by respecting what they want. He did not want to be a worshiped, so stop using him to compare against the people who are acting out for the purpose of being immortalized.

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