Is this the Mark of the Beast?

Recently there have been a lot of hoopla about the possibility of RFID implants and the fact that many believe that Obamacare mandates that all citizens have to receive one. This statement is actually a gross misinterpretation. As the website Snopes explains the original Obamacare documents would have allowed for there to be a database of anyone with a medical implant. The implants being referenced are medical devices that are implanted into the body for a medical purpose, e.g. pacemakers, defibrillators, pumps, etc. There was no mention in the document about any time of implantation devices being placed in the body at the will of the government.

Secondly, the specific portions referenced were removed by Chip9486congress prior to the acts approval. Therefore there is no longer any part of the statement referencing a database of implants.

This does not mean that some time in the future some type of implant will not be created. So my question: Would such a data implant be the mark of the beast?

When you read the book of Revelations the mark of the beast is described a mark that is placed on the hand or the forehead. Once a person takes the mark they are unable to recant it, but an implant could be removed.

Also if you take the idea that the mark is a literal concept, then it would be on the skin not under the skin. I would dare say I am not sure if it is the mark of the beast. Instead I believe that the mark of the beast would come after.

What do you think?




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