Choosing Heroes

VanityFairJuly2015So there have been a lot or people lately discussing what it take to be a hero. This is because of the recent gender reassignment of Bruce Jenner into Caitlyn Jenner.

First, honestly, why s/he does with his/er own life has nothing to do with me and maybe the story will help others who are struggling find confidence in being who they are.

However, this has made a lot of people question what it means to be a hero. Some people argue that Jenner’s actions are that of a true hero willing to demonstrate what it means to truly be oneself. Others see this a deplorable and feel like people looking to Jenner as a a hero are misguided.

Nevertheless, everyone needs a hero. Everyone needs someone they can relate to and look up to. I would rather look at Jenner as a Hero than many other athlete’s who are not willing to stand up for what they believe in.

We have to realize our definition of a hero is based on many things. It can be on our culture, religion, values, upbringing, moral understanding, etc. What makes a hero to me will not make a hero to you. A radical Muslim would see someone entirely different as a hero than an orthodox Jew.

With this in mind we need to all grow up and put on our big boy underpants and stop ridiculing other people and their beliefs.

So what do you think determines a real hero?

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