So what should our reaction be

Today has been a defining moment for the equality of homosexuality. As the supreme court ruled 5 to 4 in favor of gay marriage it has essentially been taken from the hands of the states and the people.
Nevertheless, we knew this was coming. We have seen it on the horizon since Vermont first started honoring homosexual unions. Why then are we acting startled by this decision?
So what do we do? I think the greater question is what would Jesus have done. I notice a lot of pastors blowing up their blogs and their social media with statements against homosexual unions. Why? We are doing the same thing we have done and it has not worked yet. Throughout history we have murdered homosexuals in the name of god. We have tortured them and ridiculed them in the name of love and religion. We have banned them from our churches, spoke out against them in out communities, and defamed then to the world. So has our tactic worked. Has our ambush of damnation changed their hearts and turned them around. No. It turned them against us.
We have done everything the wrong way. How did Jesus reach the lost? Through love and compassion. He sat at their tables and ate their food. While building a relationship he showed what it was like to live in the kingdom of God. It changed their lives.
Who did Jesus preach against? The religious, the pharisee and the lawyer. The people who had been trained in the law. The people that knew God’s  word in and out.
The Dr came to reach the sick and he did it with the healing power of love. Instead we preach against the sick because we know the word of God.
We are no better than the Jews in the new testament. It is not my place to judge you. Because my sin is just as bad as yours. And mark my words if we don’t straighten up and show love rather than hate, the day will come when preachers who refuse to perform Same sex unions will be charged with a hate crimes for discrimination.

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