The N-word

I was recently subbing at a middle school. There was a 6th grade African American student that yelled about a Anglo American student, “He just called me the N-Word and he is not even black.”

What? What? Really? So it would be alright for another African American boy to call you the N-word, but because this little boy is a pale-freckled faced, red-headed white boy is was not alright.

When did we lose our self-worth so much that I don’t mind my friends ridiculing me and calling me a derogatory name, but I don’t want other people to. Let’s just eliminate the N-word all together. Get it out of the music, the lingo, and the vernacular. Even if a friend uses it, or it is used in a song, it still has the same meaning as it did before. If you hated being demeaned then why do you demean yourself.

Instead of fighting each other about the stupid word, Let’s just eliminate the word all together. Let’s erase it from our history, and blot it out of our memory. When we finally grow up, accept our differences while focusing on our similarities, and stop our petty prejudice, we will be able to finally eliminate the N-word for good.

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