Does Welfare Propagate Crime

In 1995 Micheal Tanner, the director of health and welfare studies at the Cato Institute, published a letter revealing some of the biggest correlations between the welfare system and the crime rate. In 1995, he presented that in multiple projects that were done it was discovered that the addition of welfare benefits correlated directly to the numbers of out-of-wedlock births. He quoted that a 50% increase in welfare of food stamp benefits led to an 43% increase in out-of-wedlock-births.

He also stated that with the increase in welfare benefits causes men to feel disenfranchised by the family. For generations men have been seen as the bread winner of the family. Women remained with a partner or spouse for the monetary benefit that it brought. This was not always the best option in times of abuse or neglect. Welfare helped to empower woman to leave their abusive relationships and make a life for them selves. Nevertheless, welfare aided them too much. Not long after their breadwinner was no longer the father of the child, but the government, and eventually the tax payer. Men no longer felt the need to be part of a family unit. This led to an even greater slack in monogamy, and ultimately led to men have children when man different women. To avoid having to care for their children, the men allowed the system to pay their child support because they chose not to get jobs themselves, living off of the welfare as well.

Now fast forward to 2015, 20 years later, we wonder why there is so much crime in the United States. We attempt to blame it on the economy, unemployment, drugs, alcohol, and now racism. Many people say that it is strictly a matter of parents not raising their kids right, in a good home, and discipline (which is a great part of the problem). However, changing anyone of these factors would have only a small individualized effect on the problem.

Why is there so much crime in the US today?

I have learned with having kids, if I constantly give them stuff, they will continue to want stuff. Every time we go to the store if I buy them a snack or a toy, they will feel entitled to the snack or the toy every time we go. If I tell them “no” they will throw a fit saying that I am unfair. In much the same way we have given people for generations everything: Money, houses, food, child support, school, transportation, etc. And then we wonder why they feel that they can go in to a store and take what they want. We wonder why they go into a person’s home, car, or business and steal what they want. They are entitled to it. I have it and they don’t, well it is wrong for me not to give it to them.

This is not a case of red and yellow, black and white or blue or purple or green or rainbow, it is a case of lazy people who are not held accountable for their actions. When I got my first job at age sixteen I began taking my own money for school lunch. I used my money to buy what I wanted. I put gas in my car and paid for car insurance. I also took care of what I had, because I worked for it. However, when you do not have to work for it you don’t care. You can trash the HUD housing, use your food stamps to by lobster when the working middle class can barely afford ground meat. You can run to the emergency room any time your sick, because your medicaid will pay for it. And other people struggle just to make ends meet. Who is the selfish one?

Welfare is a great program and helps a lot of people pull themselves out of the rut and get on their feet. I have been on programs and my kids have used welfare type insurance. It was created to be a temporary solution to aid with advancement. Then when you take responsibility for yourself you get off of the program.

We can pass the blame all we want, but we are the ones that created the system and so we are the ones to blame for its failure. Until we change the problem it will just continue to get worse.

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