The Lizard

A could of weeks ago Jayden got home from school and told us about a Lizard at school that scared him. We knew that they had a fire drill and he was frightened but the teacher  did not say anything about a lizard.
Jayden explained the lizard said, “Errk, Errk, Errk.”
We could not figure out what he was talking about. After probing we decided that he was calling the fire alarm a lizard. The next day we were walking out of school and he pointed to the fire alarm speaker that had a light on it that flashes when activated.
Again he said, “the lizard scares Jayden it goes errk, errk, errk.”
Our suspension was confirmed, but the nagging question was why a lizard. The teacher offered a reason. They told the kids that it was a buzzer. He thought they were calling it a lizard. He still talks about the scary lizard at school.

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