Blanket of memories

Right now we have a two beautiful little girls staying with us. They are both very beautiful. As with all foster kids they don’t understand why they we taken away from home.
We had the older ones blanket sitting by the washer so that we could wash it before she used it. The placement was several days ago and both girls seemed to have had no trouble adjusting. Tonight however the older girl saw her blanket.
Fetching it from the laundry room she stood in silence holding it to her chest. I could tell the sadness in her gaze but did not know what the problem was. I helped them get to bed. As I left the room she broke into tears and cried out, “I miss my GG Ma.”
I knelt by her and held her close. My heart broke. She has no idea about the drugs. She does not know that it is bad for a parent to leave a 6 yr old child to care for her two younger siblings while the mother is out all night. All she knows is that she is not home and she misses her GG Ma.

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