Abandoned by the System

I really feel abandoned by the system. It is very frustrating. We have been doing foster care for almost 3 years. One year was in Mississippi and two here in Texas. It is so frustrating to me. We have so many things that we have to do to stay licensed. The house has to be right and we have to pass the health and fire inspections annually. We have to have all of our medication including antibiotic ointments locked away in a safe with the boys add meds in a safe inside the big safe. We have to fill out never ending paperwork every month and keep a list of rules and daily routine on the refrigerator at all times. We have to be ready at all times for random drop in visits even though we do not currently have a foster child.

We started this to help children. We have a burden to see lives changed for the better. We want to give a person who is currently without a family a home until a long term arrangement can be made. Nevertheless, I feel like we have been abandoned by the system some times. I feel like we are doing all of this work to maintain our license and sacrifice what ever it takes to make it work, but then we don’t always have the support we need.

With crazy work schedules we can’t always make it to the training. We can not be told on Friday that the next Saturday is a required class. I can not get off work. It is frustrating to say the least. It is very difficult to find a babysitter for five kids so we can attend training.

There really should be something better, to make it easier on Foster parents. Believe me, I know they have to weed out the bad eggs. I get that. How though are we supposed to do this and make a difference when it is so difficult to get it done?

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