Fighting over Holy days

How many holy days do we honor?

Recently I heard a preacher talking about the holy days that he believes the church should still be honoring. I am always taken back when statements like that are made. Are we really supposed to be honoring the holy days that the Jews held in the bible?
There are now Christian ministers teaching to honor Passover, yom Kippur, tabernacles, and Pentecost. They honor certain days and then look down on others who do not honor those days.
In Romans 14:5 Paul spoke very strongly about honoring holy days. He said that there are some who honor certain days and some who honor all days the same. Those who honor special days should never look down on those who do not. At the same time those who do not honor the holy days should not look down on those who do honor those days.
Namely, we should respect one another’s understanding of the Gospel. What then do we do if we hear a preacher preaching something that we disagree with?
We need to begin by accepting that we are not going to agree with everything that a preacher preaches. Nevertheless, if the disagreement is large enough that it keeps a person from being able to worship in the church, the parishioner should sit down and talk to the pastor. There may have been a misunderstanding or a miscommunication. After talking to the pastor the parishioner has to decide if this is a problem that can be resolved or if it is time to part ways. That decision can only be made by the parishioner.
Furthermore, if the doctrinal believe is contradictory to the bible or to the churches written and accepted beliefs, it may be appropriate for the parishioner to contact the church board or the denominational overseer or bishop. In either case the parishioner needs to have a strong conviction about the problem because it is very detrimental if it is determined that the pastor is preaching heresy or at least doctrine that is not congruent with the church.
Most importantly a pastor should not tell people that the holidays they celebrate are wrong nor should they condemn those who do not celebrate certain holidays. Only god can be the judge.

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