21 Century Revival

I have a theory, for a new 21 Century style of revival. It is not a service or set of services, instead a combination of relationship building tools that offer accountability. Over the past decade more and more churches have realized that real revival starts when build relationships with one another and offer accountability.

This can be done in many different ways. Most churches use small groups to connect people. It may be a men’s ministry, singles or seniors ministry, or young couples or college age ministry. The influx of such ministries have offered people a connection with other people. It provides a safe place and offers accountability.

Also, people realize that they are just like everyone else. They are able to relate to one another, and when they stumble they have friends who can catch them. More lives are changed in these environments than most if not all revivals.

The basis of 21 Century revivals is not whooping and hollering, though that may happen. It is now crazy emotional services or damning people to hell. It is discipleship. Working one on one to help building life changing relationships.

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