Revival vs salvation

As mentioned in our first post about Revival, many churches invite evangelists to preach revivals. They then have strong evangelistic (in many cases hell fire and brimstone) services.

It is good to evangelise for the sake of catching those who are not saved in the service, but that is not a revival. The revival is to revive the church. People in the church hopefully have experience with salvation.

Even backsliders in the church, know about salvation. Backsliders do not need salvation, they need to know how to revive the work of God in their lives. Even if they have never been saved, they have heard the word of salvation and apparently it didn’t work when they heard it before, why will it work now.

A revival should never be about salvation. It should have the primary focus of restoration. Even though evangelistic works are done, the focus should be on renewing life to the people of God.


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