Preparing your Heart

Dear young pastor,

How are you preparing your heart for Church? Some preachers say that you should spend 8 hours a day in prayer, but we know that is not feasible for modern day preachers. Other pastors say they spend 8 hours a day in the word. For most pastor’s that is not feisible either.

So what do we do. You have to learn the balance for you. You have to decide what is better for you. In 1 Thessolonians, 5:17, Paul says to pray without ceasing. Though some ministers take this seriously, Paul’s statement it to pray continually throughout the day. It is good to have time for quiet pray and meditation. It is good to set aside time. It is also good to continue to pray throughout the day. Pray while you are driving to the hospital to visit a parishioner or while you are going to pick up supplies. You can even pray while your in the shower. Season your life with prayer.

Furthermore, study to show yourself approved (2 Timothy 2:15). Find a good software, look for books in the library, or use online resourses. Be alert to hear the voice of God at all times. I actually have prepared sermons three or four (or more) months in advance. God will inspire me and I will continue to develop it and let it grow in me. Then the day comes when I feel that God wants me to preach it. Allow yourself to develop what God has put on your heart by staying in the word.

Prepare your heart for what God is doing, he will take care of you.

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