God, I am angry

You know, I remember when I was younger it was always recommended not to get angry with God. My mother did not like the thought of her child being angry with God. She acted as if being angry with God would unleash the terrible wrath of the almighty.

As a child I really took that to heart. I did not want to be angry with God. Nevertheless, there were times that I did question God and even become frustrated with him because I did not understand. I was again told that this was not safe. I was told that this could cause God to be angry with me.

As an adult, theologian, and author, I now highly disagree with this previous belief. My question: do I really think that God is so small and so needy that he can not handle me questioning him, or dare I say, being angry with God?

Is God really that weak that he is offended or hurt when I get angry or even when I doubt? Is God really that miniscule that it angers him when we get upset? No!

Our relationship can actually be strengthened when we have these emotions towards God. First, when we become angry at God our faith is at its height. We can not be angry at something that we do not believe in.

Secondly, when we are questioning God, it gives God the chance to demonstrate his love for us. He proves to us that he really cares for us. God has a way of demonstrating his compassion for us when we are in need.

Third, the more we struggle with our beliefs the more we grow spiritually. It forces us to grow up and understand what we believe instead of just believing what we are told to believe.

Nevertheless, there is a problem. Even though it does not hurt God when we become angry or when we doubt, it can hurt us. Some people will become angry with God, and then just give up on God. When we are angry with God we have to keep moving forward with our relationship with God.

Some people get angry and then turn their back on God. We can’t do that. We need to love God enough to continue pushing forward when we are struggling with our faith. Hopefully, when we are angry with our spouse or significant other we would not give up on the relaitonship. In the same way if we get angry with God keep pushing forward. Furthermore, we need to give God the chance to prove himself to us.

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