We all have times that we question God. It can be little or big, maybe the loss of a job, the death of a loved one, or an illness, but we question him. Did you know that it is a sign of a healthy Christian to question God?

People who never question God are weak minded. They just chalk it up to God’s will. And it appears that they are trusting God, but instead they feel that they do not have the right to question God. They feel that they are worthless, and many beat and abuse themselves because they feel questioning God is a sign of weakness.

Others who do not question God are easily manipulated. Many follow very charismatic leaders and believe what they are told to believe. If they are not careful they can easily get caught up in cults, e.g. Jonestown, Mt Carmel, Warren Jacobs, etc.

In each case there is no spiritual growth. They do not work through what they believe. If a person is not willing to work through what they believe, they will never grow. Growth comes through struggling with an issue.

I can not adequately preach a canned sermon that I have taken from someone else. My best sermons are those that I have struggled with. I have studied and learned the material. I have worked hard to understand. In the same way. If you do not struggle with your theology, if you do not work through your theology, and you do not develop your own theological understanding, you are not growing?

Do not beat your self up with you question God. God is able to handle our questions. These such questions help us to better understand what God is doing and who God is. Allow your development to promote growth in your life.


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