My new car

2014-06-12 19.31.30Does God cause something bad to happen just so that he can make something good come out of it?

Recently, my vehicle was in a very bad hail storm. It knocked out the back glass, the front glass was shattered, every location on the body was pitted, and even the trunk was full of water because it breached the seal. The car was history. There is no recovery from that.

The Insurance company paid off most all of the vehicle. I was left with a balance of $700 which included my deductible. I was able to go to the local Ford dealership and found the exact car that I wanted. Went into the bank and they took care of the rest.

It was a wonderful blessing. I got a brand new car. It is perfect. It begs the question though. Did God send the hail storm because he wanted to bless me with a new car?2014-06-12 19.32.51

There are two basic schools of thought. One says, God causes bad things to happen so that he can give us good things in return. These people also believe that their children are molested because God wants to give them a testimony and help other kids who are molested. And yes, there are really people who believe that.

This mindset takes what Jesus told the disciples in John 9 to mean that God caused the man to be born blind so that the glory of God could be revealed. He never said that God cause the blindness, rather the man was born blind so that the glory of God could be revealed.

2014-06-14 13.09.25God is not the author of evil, James makes that very clear. Instead, Romans 8:28 explains that God makes everything work together for the good of those who love him. He is not the author of evil, but he takes the evil of the world and makes it turn out for our good. Even Joseph in Genesis told his brother’s, “What you meant for evil, God meant for good.”

In other words, God didn’t send a hail storm to wipe out half the cars in the area where I live just so that I could get a new car. In the same way, God does not let bad things happen just so that we will learn from it, and he does not cause children to be molested just so that they can have a good testimony. We live in a broken and battered world. People do some really bad things. However, God can pick up the pieces and put them back together. God is Love and He loves you.

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