Christian Jihad

With out getting into the complexity of the Muslim understanding of Jihad, most Christians see Jihad as the Muslims attempts to war against unbelievers. They fight against unbelievers in an effort to force conversion to Islam. In some countries Christians are tortured and killed because they are not Muslim.

As Christians we do not authorize murder, but how many times do we declare Jihad on unbelievers. We attempt to cram our beliefs and understandings down the throat of unbelievers, pagans, homosexuals, other religions, etc.

Where is the love? I don’t get it. Where is the willingness to connect and build relationships?

You want to know why the world is going to HELL, it is because Christians will not shut they fat mouths and extend a helping hand instead. They will not stop propagandizing long enough to express true compassion. The Church rolls over and plays dead, while its people masquerade as holiness, and run around raping and pillaging the poor of humanity.

Why does the world hate Christians? Because we have treated the world like we hate them. Sadly, we have turned evangelism into nothing more than Christian Jihad.

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