Pushy religion

God is really amazing. He does not force himself on us. Instead he waits for us to respond to him. Why then do we force what we believe on the world.
Seriously, thing about it. There are churches that are so belligerent that they protested the funeral of a gay soldier. Other people become overwhelming and all but strangle anyone who will not listen. Preachers get up in the pulpit and tell their congregation that God is not in their services because they do not hoop and holler like he does.
Why is it that Christians are not more like God. Isn’t he the one we are trying to be like. Instead we shove our Christianity down their throats and essentially choking out every chance we had at making a real difference in their lives.
God did not call us to war he called us to love. He called us to serve and to help one another. It is all about love and with out it we can not show the world the truth.  No wonder so many people hate Christians.

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