Don’t judge a book by its cover

I recently had the chance to be in revival services with a very anointed minster. He said many things that made me think. There was one thing that really stood out in my mind. He told about a couple whom he ministered to that gave him a brand new Lincoln car. A while later he was at another church and he discovered that a person who saw his car made the comment to her husband that she would not give him one cent because if he could afford a car like that he didn’t need her money. 

This struck a cord with me. Sometimes people look and see what God has blessed us with and judge us inappropriately because of it. They do not know what we are going through nor what God has brought us through. They choose to judge based on their presumptions and not on the facts. 

For instance we have four children.  Two are biological. Two are in the process of being adopted. Recently we were asked to foster a 3 week old baby. Our two biological sons are white. Our daughter who is 3 years old is mixed Latino and white and her little brother who is 2 years old is white. The baby who is in our care through the foster system is African American. 

My wife went to a local store with all the kids. An elderly man opened the door for her and as she walked in said, “Don’t you think your overdoing it with the the kids.”

He was lucky my wife was by her self because she is very soft spoken and avoids conflict. She pretended not to hear and went on. I would not have been so cordial. 

How many times do we judge people based on what we assume? How many times do we say something before we know the whole situation? 

Don’t judge a book by its cover and remember what assume makes out of me and you.

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