Faith Works

Let me show you how faith and confession works. Every year in the city in which we live we have a carnival and rodeo the first couple of weeks in September. Every year it clouds up and rains during the time that the rodeo is in town. Some people may say that it is coincidental, but how can it be a coincidence in the middle of a drought.

I am not a proponent of the name it claim it theology that has infiltrated Christianity over the past 30 years. It has really been propagandized by many people who do not realize it is actually a New Age Spiritualist Theology. 

How then can confession bring results?

Take Abraham for instance. God changed his name, in doing so every time he heard someone call him by the name Abraham it reminded him of God’s promise and it built his faith. As time went on God honored his faith and miracles happened. His faith was attributed to him as righteousness.

Romans 10:17 says that faith comes from hearing and hearing from the word of God (paraphased). The more you hear the words, the more your faith will grow. The more your faith grows, the more miraculous power you have.

Unlike the New Age Theology that states you claim it long enough and it will happen, if you confess something and let that confession infiltrate the confines of your heart, you will begin to believe it. As you build your faith you will see miracles happen.

What does this have to do with rain in West Texas?

Years and years ago when I was a child I always heard the older generations saying, “The West Texas Fair is here, so it is going to rain.” And it did. Every year it would rain. Some years it would actually rain out the carnival.  

People all over the area have confessed it for years and believe that it will rain during the first two weeks of September, and it always does. Even years when we have not seen a drop for six months, it rains at least a little during the first two weeks of September.

So just remember, if you are holding out for something do not lose faith. Keep reminding yourself of God’s promises. The more you do, the greater your faith will grow as will God’s work in your life. If you begin losing hope, just remember the rain in West Texas.

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