Lining up with the Word of God Part 4

Last we have to line up with God’s vision. God’s will for our lives and God’s vision for his kingdom go hand in hand. God gives his vision to the church through the Pastor that he places over that church. And as the body of Christ we line ourselves up with that vision.We are all part of something bigger. It does not end here with us, and when we are gone there will be others that take our place and the world will keep on going until his return.

We then have to embrace the vision that has been set before us. Even though God gives the vision through the office of the Pastor this is not just his vision but this is our vision. It is time that we align our selves with the vision that God has set before us.

As John Donne stated many years ago, “No man is an Island all to himself.”

It is time for you to begin lining yourself up with the Word of God, the only way you can proceed in God’s will is to line up your life to his Word, by daily attaching yourself it and making the needed adjustments.

It is also time for you to begin lining yourself up with the will of God. You may have been seeking God’s will, but until you have not been truly seeking the will giver you will not find his will. It is time that you begin to bring yourself as close to him as you can get. By doing so you will turn away from sin and walk in his will.

And if you are currently not living your life connected to God’s vision through the ministry of the church, then you need to begin connecting yourself to the Church that he came to save.

It is time to begin lining up with the Word of God.

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