Lining up with the Word of God part 3

Next, We must line up with God’s will which is having a working relationship with him. You ask, “How do I find the will of God?” You build a relationship with him.

You will notice when you begin to get closer to God, through praise, worship, prayer, service, etc, you will come into alignment with him. If you have followed the will of God, you do not have a moment that you realize, “Hey, I am in God will.”

God’s will is not a place based upon the process of following the right path, but is a process based up the place you are with God. It is not the end result, but is the road that you travel because you are in relationship with God.

When we are living close to God our lives are lined up with his will. It becomes a way of life, and though there may be stumbles along the road, we just continue to live in his will leading us in the vision that he has set.


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