Which Testament

I have been thinking a lot lately about the the old covenant and the new covenant. We hear people talk a lot about the the need for the New Testament church to move beyond the Old Testament way of thinking. We talk about the need to move away from legalism and the works based religion. That is good. We have to move away from the works based religion that many people attempt to follow. But why do we speak against the law, but we want the Old Testament blessings.
Namely, we accept salvation through faith and grace, but we want to claim the blessings from Deuteronomy 28. With as many New Testament blessings mentioned in the Bible why do we have to claim the Old Testament blessing. We can not have it both ways. If we say that we are not under the law, then we can not have the blessings associated with the law.
What do you think about that, can the two be married?

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