May devour

Tonight I am very tired. We have had a long day. I really enjoyed our church service this morning and then we met with the youth small group tonight and had a tremendous discussion time. But now I am ready to rest.
This reminds me of something I read recently about weight loss. The study was talking about will power. When you are refreshed and wide awake, it is easy to move beyond the temptation to eat food that is not good for you. But when you are tired, have had a long day, and are ready to relax your will power has decreased and you are more susceptible to the ice cream that is calling you name or the bag of chips sitting on the counter.
This is also true with fleshly temptation. When we are tired, worn out, exhausted, or emotionally drained it is much easier for us to fall to temptation. Satan does not tempt us when we are strong and have built ourselves up in the word, like he does when we are weak and weary. He waits until we have already fought all day and then he brings temptation. Like the lion that seeks out the weak and sickened antelope satan pounces on us when we are weakened by the things of life.
This ws true in the life of Jesus. When Jesus was baptized and taken to the desert by the spirit he fasted for forty days. Satan did not tempt him right after he was baptized. Satan waited until Jesus was weak and hungry. Satan waited until Jesus had fasted, then he attempted to bring Jesus down. In the same way satan tries to tempt us when we are weak because he knows that we will be more likely to fall to temptation in those times than normal.
When you find yourself exhausted, weary, or tired, that is the time that you need to be on guard the greatest. Be watchful for your advisory the devil roams around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

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