Growing Corruption

We have been talking about growing fruit, namely spiritual fruit. Today we are going to talk about growing corruption. As we have mentioned before when you sow to the flesh, you reap corruption, but corruption is a strange word. People think corruption is talking about hell, but the idea of corruption does not refer to judgement. Corruption is that which could perish. People sow into the world of employment, and they reap money, but money is perishable. It is fleeting. Money does not stay, it does not buy happiness, and it will not give you reward in heaven. It will also not give you spiritual growth.

When you sow to the flesh you gain things like money and wealth. When you sow into lust of the flesh you can reap std’s and unplanned pregnancy. When you sow to drugs and alcohol you reap  When sowing to the flesh you will always reap something that is perishable and fleeting. It is something that will not last and will ultimately lead to corruption.

Are you sowing to the flesh?

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