Preparing the ground

When planting a garden it can be difficult to prepare the ground. As we have been looking hard ground can not accept the seed of the word when it is thrown out. Before you can plant the seed you have to get the soil ready.

To prepare the ground you have to toil and break up the hardened dirt. To break up the dirt, you need to begin by getting in the word of God regularly. You need to let the word of God become more than a delicacy that you have on the weekend. It should be the meat and potatoes that you eat daily. But it is more than just reading the Bible, you should allow the word of God to change you. Don’t try to read all of the Bible in one sitting. Take a few moments and read a short passage. Then continue to think about the passage throughout the day. The continued remembering will help you to retain what you are reading. By retaining the word of God you make a difference in yourself.

How often do you read the word?

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