Stony places

The second type of hearer is described by the seed falling on the stony places. Jesus said that the seed falls upon the stony place where the there is very little soil. The seeds sprung up quickly, but since it had no root it was scorched by the sun and withered. This type of hearer, is provided the word of God. They are excited about the word and spring up quickly, but because they did not have any root or depth they quickly fall away.

These people are always looking for something that will excite them. They are looking for that next big service and the great evangelism. Then when that excitement is gone they quickly move on searching for the next think to bring them excitement. They are not changed by the blessings of God. They have no root and no depth. They are left exactly the same as they were before.

Are you looking for the next big thing or are you willing to allow yourself to grow?

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