Snatched away

Yesterday we took a look at the the sower listed in the book of Matthew. Jesus lists several different types of listeners. He said, some of the seed fell by the way and the birds quickly swooped down and snatched it up.

The seed was thrown out. It landed on the ground, but because of the condition of the ground to which it hit, the seed was not able to take root and it was swiftly snatched up. The seed never had a chance to grow.

When asked about this by his disciples Jesus said that this represents those who hear the word but do not understand. Before they have a chance to find the answer the enemy swoops in and snatches the word of God away.

As Christians it is very important that we hear the word of God and understand. When we do not allow ourselves to gain knowledge when the word of God is presented it is easy for the enemy to swoop in and steal the word away.

Has Satan ever stolen the word of God from you?

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