What is real to you? It is very easy to feel that everything that we see or feel is real. Think of reality tv. They say that it is not scripted, but I have learned recently that they do prepare for things and even manipulate the circumstance to get a better show.

What is reality for you? Sometimes we see other Christians talking and we suddenly feel that they are talking about us. A person reacts a certain way, and we feel that they are judging us or looking down on us. It is easy for our minds and emotions to lie to us.

When we look at the problems in our lives our emotions say things like, “You will never work it out. God will never take care of you.” Have you ever thought that way? That is not reality. God is always taking care of his people. He is always there even when we do not feel like he is there.

Have you ever had a time that you thought, “God will not help me”? Were you right, or did you see the face of God in the circumstance?

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